About Us

A Place You Can Trust


We have established a truly indisputable and outstanding reputation as one of the most reliable companies in the junk car industry. We aim to help the environment with our recycling efforts, while adding financial stimulus to our communities.


Why our service is the best choice.

The Junk Car Lady  uses its extensive automotive expertise to help the environment by buying and getting rid of junk vehicles. Our services unquestionably help keep all of America's environment cleaner by purchasing those cars that usually have substantial engine and other problems, that would seriously affect the required high standards of its emissions and safety capabilities. The Junk Car Lady employs highly trained  automotive technicians and professional sales representatives who possess tremendous amounts of knowledge and skill sets in the junk automotive industry. By utilizing our talents and abilities, we help keep the roads safe and the air quality healthy as well.


What are professionalism is about.

Our  professionalism also extends to the fact that we offer absolutely free towing away of the cars we buy. In most cases we can have clients' cars picked up in 24-48 hours. We continually strive to maintain our stellar reputation of achieving 100% customer satisfaction by being one of the most extremely responsible, dependable and reliable automotive companies anyone will ever come in contact with. We make it incredibly easy to purchase your junk car. Simply give them a phone call at your earliest convenience for a free, no obligation quote right over the phone. You'll be delighted you did.



Hallina H. North Carolina

The Junk Car Lady service really helped me turn my car into cash. They showed exactly what my parts are worth and got me paid quickly! Getting a quote explained how it all worked and walked me through the process!   Exceptional service! Highly recommended

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers.